Travel To Croatia

Travel To Croatia

Experience The Magical Christmas Market In The City Of Zagreb

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Travel To Croatia


For the past 3 year Croatian capital has been pronounced the best Christmas Market destination in
Europe and it hasn’t got the title by chance. Millions of people had past through mesmerizing streets
decorated with lights and all kinds of decorations. Capacities of hotels, hostel and private housings
are books throughout the whole celebration months and it has really becoming one of the most
charismatic time of the year. It’s not only the lights that are brightening this magical season. Warmth
of Croats that are making everyone feel welcome, delicious and various food corners and
amusement program are bringing all the joy to our charming city of Zagreb.

Marić Passage

There are plenty of stops around the city where you can find that Christmas spirit. We are going to
show you a bit of the magic that awaits you. Bring your positive vibes and that bright smile will come
on its own.

European square

If you are young individual that likes urban culture or just wants to hang out with your friends this is
a place to be. European square is located in the core of the city center and it’s agenda is full with
concerts, attractions and exhibitions that will make you get that spark of holiday season.

European Square

Zagreb Upper town

Whenever we are thinking of great atmosfere, side to side with good music and people there comes
food. Stross and Klović palace (Klovićevi dvori) are this years gourmet destinations. The rage of
options from this years Christmas Market is in the worlds level stage. From 16 different types of
sausages, different kinds of burgers, sarma (traditional meat in a cabbage leaf), fritule (dumplings
similar to donuts) and waffles to mulled wine, punches and Rakija’s. You can already see that the
great time is guaranteed.

Food at Stross

Besides delicious food upper town is also a place where you can see the magic of the city coming to
life. Viewing points have it’s own charm and are great places to take that one of a kind photo.
However this is not just picturesque place, Croats would say that is also one of the most romantic
spots couples can visit.

Zagreb Cathedral

King Tomislav Square

Every part of the city is telling its own story and as you can find live music and food treats on every
corner, this part of the city is offering something more that is extra special. Ice Skating Park (Ledeni
park), where all generations can rent skates and glide with their loved ones on the ritam of Christmas

King Tomislav Square 1


Place with thousands of Christmas lights will light the nights bright. Zagreb has a central park on a
few minute walk from main square and during Christmas Market this is a place that is inviting you
with open hands to visit Zagreb. Every night live music program, small houses that offer from finger
food, homemade candies to world famous wines will make you forget those long shopping lines and
you will just surrender to the glory of this majestic place.

Park Zrinjevac

Čudna šuma Bolesne braće (Varšavska street)

Something completely different is the best explanation for this part of Christmas Market. A popular
Croatian hip-hop dou had made an offer not many can resist. From the minute you step into this
enchanted forest you are surrounded with positive vibes, great bits from famous Croatian musicians
and the most delicious freshly made food, just for you. Are you ready to be served on this level?

Magic Forest

Park Maksimir

First time this year park Maksimir is glowing in the rainbow colors. Leaving it as the sugar for the end
you will have to take a short ride to come to this destination but the small members of your family
will be very grateful from that. Park has a ZOO that is also covered with light and an offer of the
perfect combination of sweets and salty that will intrigued all generations. When you add to
calculation peaceful walk along the long lighted trails and Christmas carols you get a perfect
combination for a family getaway.

King Tomislav Square 2

During every winter Zagreb is turning into one magical city. Christmas Market is making this fairytale
come to life and everyone that has experience the true beauty of it is coming back from year to year.
But Christmas Market is not the only thing Zagreb can offer. The secret of the city with a thousand
hearts lies in its narrow streets and hidden corners. The history of our loved city is full with stories
and legends that can awake every curious spirit and make it guessing; Is there more to it then just a
sightseeing places?

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